Stockholm, Sweden

Transportation: I took the SJ express train from Copenhagen to Sweden ($29). The journey is a little over 5 hours, but it’s the best option because it goes directly into Stockholm’s city center, and you don’t have to go through airport security. The ride was also very scenic with the Swedish countryside and snow, but unfortunately all my pictures came out blurry on the high-speed train.Seats are spacious and comfortable like Amtrak, but you get an assigned seat. This is actually more efficient than Amtrak, where I see people walking through several cars before they find a seat, and others storing their luggage on the seat next to them.

Stockholm has Uber and another app called mytaxi. I have mytaxi from a previous trip to Barcelona. I noticed at times mytaxi would be a little cheaper than Uber and vice versa in Stockholm. Don’t take taxis because they are unregulated and are much more expensive.

Since I’d only be in Stockholm for a day, after taking a car to my hotel ($15), I bought the 24 hour tunnelbana day-pass for $18 from a ticket agent at the station.

Stay: I stayed at Best Western Plus Time Hotel (4 stars, $129 on Hotwire). This was a true 4 star hotel with American amenities, not like what comes to mind about a Best Western in the States. The heated bathroom floor was a nice touch, and it included breakfast.LobbyRoomI liked the location of the hotel, a 10 minute walk to the Odenplan T station. There was a food store right next door, and the area was less touristy and full of local people. I think if I stayed in Stockholm in the future though, I’d stay closer to Central Station. There are express trains that run directly to the airport from there; this is again the best option, as Arlanda airport is located outside the city.

Eat: Fika, a Swedish concept of having coffee with a desert or pastry. Since I don’t like desert foods, I had a sandwich, but I think it counts as a pastry.Cost: $16 (Some would probably think that’s a lot, but I’m used to NYC prices, which are pretty similar.)

Den Gyldene Freden (the Golden Peace): I of course wanted to have Swedish meatballs in Sweden, and came across this place on TripAdvisor. It is famous because it’s the oldest restaurant in the world with the same surroundings, and the Academy (who vote for the Nobel Prize winner) meets here every week for dinner. I was able to make a reservation online using thefork weeks before my arrival. The food was good, service was fast, and I’m happy to say I went here.Swedish meatballs with puréed potatoes, lingonberries, and pickled cucumbers

Price: $45 for entree and 1 glass of wine, including tip

Do: The only other thing I really wanted to do during my time in Stockholm was see Gamla stan, the Old Town of course. Den Gyldene Freden is located in this area, so I could do both in one trip. I spent some time walking around and into souvenir shops. Getting there was really easy, you just take the 17, 18, or 19 T trains 4 stops toward Farsta Strand, and get off at Gamla stan stop.The train displays when to get off.Gamla stanComing back, I took the train towards Hasselby Strand and got off at Odenplan. I took the Arlanda Express train to the airport ($36). There are 2 stations, North Station serves terminal 5, and South serves the rest. It takes 20 minutes from Stockholm Central to Arlanda. On to Norway next!


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